Indian Money Review of Reasons Why Insurance Providers Do Not Cover Mental Illnesses – Indian Money


Many of the insurance providers are not ready to insure problems such as mental illnesses. What is the reason behind it? Let us explore these details in the following section in this Indian Money Review of health insurance.

Lack of Mental Illness Insurance and Reasons Behind it

In-patient Treatment | Ignorance about Mental Illness

Reason #1: In-patient Treatment

According to, in any type of health insurance, the focus is on in-patient treatment and the consequent reimbursement of expenditure on hospitalization.

In case of mental illness, the scenario is quite different since the treatment is given in outpatient mode and the patient does not have to remain in hospital. This one of the primary reasons insurance providers are reluctant to cover mental illnesses.

Reason #2: Ignorance about Mental Illness

Indian Money reviews of health insurances found that a bulk of insurers do not provide coverage for mental illnesses in the form of bodily injury (accidental).

Moreover, people believe that if they try to disclose this type of illness in their proposal form then it is likely that the insurance company will not be agreeing to insure their other physical ailments.

Additionally, as per Indian Money Bangalore CEO C S Sudheer, there is a strong stigma about mental illnesses in the country. Most people avoid disclosing information about their mental illness because of the fear that their friends and relatives will be laughing at their situation or may well take advantage of their condition.

What is the solution for this problem?

According to Indian Money review, few things which we need to do are:

  1. We need to generate awareness about mental illnesses as well as debunk the myths surrounding such illnesses.
  2. People need to talk about mental illnesses in open forums so that people become more aware of the problem and its solutions.,15_IL.16,27_IC4471285.htm



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