Indian Money Reviews – Free Financial Education and Investment Advisor was conceptualized in the year 2008, to address the glaring need of financial education among the common man. Mr C.S. Sudheer founded Indian Money dot com, which is India’s largest free unbiased financial education Company, at the age of 22. Bangalore educates people over a telephone call with the help of Proprietary Need Analyzer which records the voice of consumers and their aspirations before offering solutions.

The Company’s unique offering has helped more than 32 Lakh people make wise educated financial decisions. Review currently educates about 21,000 people a day, and has the capability to easily scale it up to 1, 00,000 a day.


Why is financial literacy important in India?

Studies have shown that financial literacy is not a priority in India. More than 76% of adults do not understand even basic financial concepts. This is shocking considering more than 17.5% of the World’s population resides in India.

Does financial literacy really matter? Well, if people are not financially literate, they will get cheated by unscrupulous elements in the financial services industry. Lead market review Bangalore Many of these citizens are forced to surrender these life insurance plans, as they cannot afford to continue with them.

Fraudulent Builders are known to cheat naïve customers out of their life’s savings, promising them delivery of apartments on time, but after many years, these poor people never get the apartment. Cheating is rampant in the Financial Services Industry and if you are not financially literate or aware. Spreading Financial Awareness follows the philosophy of PET. PET stands for Protect, Empower and Transform. protects the common man by educating him/her on various financial products and protects them from getting misled by unscrupulous agents in the financial services industry. empowers citizens by imparting financial education and making them financially aware, so that they make the right financial decisions. Indian Money lead market app review They are able to zero in on the right financial products, which meet their financial goals. aims to transform the lives of the common man by giving them the right financial guidance.


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