Indian money CEO, Sudheer Indian money Bangalore – A Leader in the Fintech Space


Indian money CEO, Sudheer Indian money Bangalore – A Leader in the Fintech Space

Mr. C S Sudheer founded, India’s largest free unbiased financial education company, at the age of 22. was conceptualized in 2008 to address the glaring need of financial education among the common man. was much ahead of the curve in launching such an initiative as financial education was not even discussed at regulatory levels. It educates people over a telephone call with the help of proprietary Need Analyzer which records the voice of the consumer and their aspirations before offering solutions.

It is Mr. C S Sudheer’s long cherished dream and consistent evolution coupled with perseverance over the years to build a system after taking into consideration the voice of thousands of its consumers. It is currently educating about 21,000 people and has capabilities to easily scale it up to 100,000 per day. Mr. Sudheer plans to get there by March 2020. He believes and acknowledges that all of us should get easy and free access to quality & free financial education.

  •’s unique offering has helped over 32 Lakh people till date make wise financial decisions. Consumer stickiness is the biggest testimony of their success as they educate them on different financial products year after year.
  • Post educating the customer on financial products and concepts, connects them to registered service providers in their geography for a small referral fee which ranges from Rs 50 to Rs 500. Lead market review has opted to charge referral fees over success fees to the service provider in order to make sure that they remain unbiased all the time.
  • has set up a dedicated helpline for Karnataka State Police to educate them on personal finance. Mr C S Sudheer was invited by World Bank to attend its FinTech CEO’s Summit in 2017. Mr Sudheer has authored Best Selling book “Love Beyond Death” to create awareness on Term Life Insurance.


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